Sizes Available:
24” x 48” –  rectified
24” x 24” –  rectified
12″ x 12” –  rectified
3/4″ Thickness

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RESISTANCE  –  Porcelain stoneware is a very strong, waterproof, durable material.

POOL HYGIENE  – Tiles are highly antibacterial and anti-mold and ensure excellent hygiene standards.

SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) – Various Kronos USA collection colors have a solar reflectance index (SRI)

SCORCHED/BURNING FEET – Tests have revealed that Kronos material generates lower temperatures than the natural equivalent, reducing the scorching and burning risk at the hottest times of day.

NON SLIP pool deck tiles – All Kronos products have antislip characteristics to guarantee safety in wet or damp outdoor locations.

EASY TO CLEAN – Highly stain resistant, porcelain stoneware is easy to clean and sanitize.


Thermal shock resistant (-40°f – 210°f)
Superior in fire resistance and durability to wood tiles
Easy to clean stain, chemical and salt resistant
Superior in strength and impact resistance to ceramic tiles (supports over 2000lb), lighter and easier to handle than concrete blocks
Virtually no maintenance
Slip resistant and quick draining
Easy to install
Removable and reusable POPA 2.0 is ideal both for temporary flooring and for permanent flooring
Versatile installation Various installation methods including pedestal set, gravel and grass set in both domestic and commercial applications.
Fade resistant
Available in a broad range of colors/styles
Massive over life coast savings. More cost effective than grating or grid structures for elevated paving installations
Resistant to salt corrosion
Resistant to attack from mould, moss and verdigris treatments.
Durable: resistant to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Hypoallergenic. No VOC.
Easy to sterilize.
Eco-friendly maintenance.
Easy to clean.
Recyclable and ecological.




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